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CareersFrom Vintage to Vogue: ABC’s Role in Reviving Classic Barbering Techniques in Today’s Fashion

From Vintage to Vogue: ABC’s Role in Reviving Classic Barbering Techniques in Today’s Fashion

The echo of straight razors, the soft whisper of classic barbershop banter, and the timeless charm of a well-executed fade – these are the hallmarks of vintage barbering that many believed were relegated to the annals of history. However, like all things fashion, what’s old is new again, and classic barbering techniques are not just making a comeback; they’re leading today’s trends. At the heart of this revival is Associated Barber College (ABC).

Bridging the Old and New

ABC recognizes the allure of the past. The iconic undercuts of the 1920s, the slick pompadours of the 1950s, and the voluminous coifs of the 1980s have not just returned; they’ve been reinvented for a new generation. ABC is at the forefront, ensuring that our students are not only familiar with these styles but are experts in them.

Modern Techniques Meet Classic Aesthetics

While it’s essential to bring back the old-world charm, it’s equally critical to integrate modern techniques. ABC’s curriculum balances both. The use of contemporary products, tools, and an understanding of today’s hair textures and preferences allows our barbers to adapt vintage styles to fit the modern individual.

San Diego: The Epicenter of Vintage Revival

San Diego, with its unique blend of the old and new, has become a hotspot for vintage barbering revival. ABC has embraced this position, organizing events, workshops, and showcases that highlight the fusion of vintage and vogue in the world of barbering.

Education That Stands the Test of Time

At ABC, the belief is clear: to shape the future, you must understand and respect the past. This philosophy shines in our modules on classic barbering techniques, ensuring that every student graduates with a deep appreciation and skill set that spans eras.


The cyclical nature of fashion ensures that what once was old will be new again. But it takes skill, passion, and knowledge to ensure that the revival is done right. At Associated Barber College, we’re not just teaching barbering; we’re preserving an art form. Join us in our journey from vintage to vogue, where the snips of yesterday meet the styles of today.